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Biomedical engineering or computer engineering?

Trends are notoriously hard to predict. The best we can do is look at historical data and guess. - Software engineering has been at the heart of innovation for several decades now, with no signs of slowing down. There are many problems still left unsolved, true Artificial Intelligence being a prime example. - The biomedical scene is booming with innovation. There seems to be a lot of promise there, as well as a lot of money. Google, ahem, sorry, Alphabet and many other are pumping a lot of capital into the field, hoping to disrupt the medical industry and even beat aging. Exciting? You bet. Both choices are hot stocks right now. Software's grip on the world is not going away any time soon. Biomed is growing fast and holds the key to solving some of humanity's biggest problems. I say, try to combine both. You'll be at the intersection of two very intriguing worlds - this might the best career path today.

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