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How can I become a biomedical engineer?

Stay hungry. ALWAYS keep learning new things and dont stagnate. Talk to people in your field, go to conferences in your field and learn what the current state of the art is. Dont be afraid to ask a dumb question. If youre an undergrad, Look for research positions at your university. Take initiative. Doing your class work is good but it is the bare minimum. Go beyond the classroom. See if you can shadow some doctors as they go about their day and learn just what it is they do, what tools they use, what medications they prescribe and why, what design flaws their tools may have, where the headaches are with the equipment they use. Stay current on the scientific research literature in your field. Contact the authors of he papers you read if you have ANY questions about what they did. Theyre just people, just like you, and chances are theyd love to talk about their research with you.

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