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Is a graduate degree in biomedical engineering worth it?

I graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2011. I went to work as a Quality Engineer at a major medical device company starting salary ~$65K a year. I have moved companies since then but this figure has gone up, plus yearly bonus. Most engineering jobs are salary based and come with some perks such as employee stock purchase programs. Is it worth it? It's a difficult degree to obtain for going into an engineering field that doesn't utilize many of the concepts I was taught (but you will never be hurting for a job if you go into Quality Engineering). All my other friends with B.S. degrees in other things besides engineering would have killed for my starting salary right out of school, so that is nice. But the world I think is still trying to figure out what exactly a Biomedical Engineer is, which is why a lot of job descriptions that would be perfect for a Biomedical Engineer still say they are looking for Mechanical Engineers, etc. So if you want versatility ME might be the way to go with an emphasis in medical design/engineering.

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