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Is biomedical engineering a good major?

There is one critical component that is missing - what do you want out of your major, and what career are you interested in? What kinds of questions do you want to answer in your career, and what tools do you need to answer them? If you're interested in computer science, biomedical engineering is not the right field for you. Biomedical engineering majors can solve medical problems using computers, but if your goal ultimately is to become a better coder or to work on broad problems, BME may be too focused for you. Biomedical engineers can earn a decent base salary with a bachelor's degree (mean annual wage $86-93k), and the job growth rate for biomedical engineering is 23% (predicted for 2014-2024 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Biomedical engineers are relatively versatile and primarily work for pharma companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, academia, or in R&D. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, biomedical engineers exhibit an unemployment rate of .4%, which is among the top 10 lowest unemployment rates of all jobs surveyed in 2012. I really don't think you need to worry at all about your career prospects with a BS in BME, but what should concern you is whether a career as a biomedical engineer would suit your interests.

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