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Is further maths required for biomedical engineering?

Biomedical Engineering is at its core an engineering. Therefore, maths is not only necessary but fundamental for it. As a biomedical engineering student, I have been thaught calculus I & II, linera algebra, differential equations and numerical methods in biomedicine. Furthermore, I applied all that knowledge into most of the other classes -biomechanics, physiscs, materials, electronics At the end, if you want to study the growth of a bacterial population you need numerical methods to create a mathematical model that describes properly the real world. If you wish to know the rate of degradation of a drug inside the body or the energy a machine needs to support the pump of the heart you better have knowledge in differential equations (to apply them in biomechanics in the latter case). Remember that, even though maths may seem useless when it comes to biology or biochemistry, it is on the biomedical engineering field where biology, physics and maths converge giving rise to amazing things.

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