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What are the requirements to become a biomedical engineer?

Thanks for the R2A and sorry for the almost 1 year delay to get back to quora. Skill-set would vary depending on the level (student or working professional or graduate school aspirant), geographical location (Asia, or Europe, or, United States) and what you wish to get out of it (Research or Industry). Assuming you are a high school or undergraduate student open to wide variety of career options these are the basic skills one would find useful. Strong fundamentals in Biology: you probably have that from high school and even if not, it isn't too late to pick up a book and start on it. I have found molecular and biology and probably even biochemistry absolutely essential for several lab techniques I would then work with. Significant research component: several schools have a whole semester dedicated to research so associating yourself early on with a lab would make this experience much more enjoyable and productive. Apply early but be open: I wrote my GRE during the 3rd year (Junior Year) of undergraduate studies because I knew I wanted to head out to the West to pursue scientific research and that level of preparedness helped me navigate the several opportunities and choose courses based on interest. Same scenario applies to job as well- your internship can very well change to a full time position if you show motivation early on. Identify what you enjoy the most: I was fascinated with organ regeneration so I pursued Tissue Engineering as my major. Some of my friends pursued molecular biology, biophysics and bioinformatics in graduate school/industry as this is truly just an introduction to the world of Bioe-based choices out there. Good luck!

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