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What is an average day like for a biomedical engineer?

I make phone calls and set up meetings and work with different departments and respond to requests for assistance and make schedules and work on documents and plan out test strategies and make procedure updates and fill out purchase orders and attend meetings and troubleshoot broken machines and get stuck with IT and sometimes the cafeteria food is no good and sometimes its decent and then I take a walk to clear my head before I try to contact so-and-so who is conveniently out of the office for the rest of May so you know THAT project will be delayed and then I have to assuage one of our vendors concerns about our N60 payment policy so that project is probably delayed too and then I get a snarky email from purchasing before reading another critical email from a different vendor while all the while trying to learn things so that I can do my job better but the engineers who know things are always busy and its didficult to get in their schedule and Im busy too so its difficult for them to get on my schedule, and then my manager says Hey heres a documentation mess another engineer made 6 years back can you fix it? And then I say sure but now Quality is passing the buck around and telling me the requirements are different than what the documentation department told me so that project is also delayed because the validation was all whack, except this one cant be delayed because its tied to a CAPA whose due date is coming soon but now so-and-so from calibration wants me to move something for him because he needs a new computer but that really isnt my job, but I kinda get dragged into it and wait now theres a whole test that has to be performed on these machines but I was supposed to get rid of them already so now this is also delayed. But hey the job job pays well!

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