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What is it like to work as a Biomedical Engineer?

We're a weird bunch of people who are facinated by medical equipment and hospitals. We like to hang around our equally odd colleagues from nurses to doctors, and are over zealous about diseases and sick people. We don't mind the blood and the gore, because in the end we get to act like mad scientists, playing with lasers, radiation, chemicals, high pressures, magnetic fields and other physical phenomenon. We harbor special hatred to the people at quality control because they tend to curb our enthusism and monitor our insanity. We don't mind getting dirty, but we very much mind filling out paperwork. And for a bunch of crazy wackos that we are, it's disturbing how much we like tidiness (our version that is. more like organized chaos). And woe to those who mess with it. But deep down somewhere we have hearts of gold, and to some degree we like helping out people. Just don't tell us how to do our jobs

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