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What is the demand of biomedical engineers?

As far as, India is concerned biomedical is in the high demand, because in biomedical engineering you may find some ECE or even EEE subject and that may boost your carrier option of choosing. Most importantly, you may even get placed in the medical sectors too with decent package, and whatsoever, you will easily get placed in any medical coding company if you have proper communication and that's all you need. Most of the biomedical aspirants go for their higher studies and not taking their job after b.tech, and one of the most hottest course you can get through in your m.tech/Ms is bioinformatics Wich is the core subject of biomedical engineering, and by choosing this subject you will have the brigde between (biomedical and computer science) so, with lots of experience and training in this field you may get some high packages as csc students are getting nowadays. And, There can be only one reason to say that biotechnology is not as better as biomed is that it is totally research oriented field and you will have to spend more time with this subject to get into high position and anyway you won't get much salary in your so called core companies like pharmacy/food industries'. But, if you're really concerned about the human helath and welfare and you really have the passion for research works this is the right filed for you, inspite of the salary and long term work. Now, it's all up to you buddy, wheather to choose the biotechnology/biomedical. All the best and wishing you a luck.

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