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What kind of first jobs do biomedical science majors tend to get?

If you want to complete a postgraduate course such as a master's to gain more knowledge to specialise in something. The other option is that you can find a job. With a biomedical science degree, you can find a job in any laboratory or you can do something different such as going into science teaching maybe. You can apply to be a biomedical scientist and work in a hospital laboratory but to do this, you need to become hcpc registered. Hcpc registration is so important because a biomedical scientist is a protected career. If your biomedical science course at university wasn't IBMS accredited, you would need to find out how to make your modules IBMS accredited. Also, to become a biomedical scientist you need to choose a specialty out of microbiology, biochemistry, hematology or immunology and then complete a portfolio on your chosen specialty. After completing the portfolio, you may be able to work as a biomedical scientist in a laboratory.

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