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Which one is best: biotechnology or biomedical engineering?

Biomedical Engineering: BME is a course which is basically Electrical and electronics engineering and Instrumentation engineering concepts applied in medical field. All the instruments you see in hospitals are made and maintained by BME. So BME will mostly be working in hospitals or the instrumentation companies in R&D or other departments. Biotechnology: It is a very broad field under life sciences which encompass Biochemistry, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, Genetic engineering, Food Processing, bioinformatics and so on. It is the mother of all these subjects. Besides BME is a part under biotechnology. Job recruitment under biotechnology includes marine industry, agricultural and medical sector, and many more. So it's definitely better to choose a mother subject! But you are advised to go for this field only if you are interested enough to do so. The demands of both the fields in India are presently increasing. So it's upon your preferences which stream you will prefer. Hope I could answer your question. Feel free to contact me for further queries. Best wishes! Thanks :)

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