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Why should I major in biomedical science?

Hi this is my first answer on Quora and i hope you will be forgiving in any tiny mistakes i make grammatically. Firstly, i am unsure whether you understand what modules do a Biomedical Science study and because of that i will give a brief description of it. However, whatever that i am saying can only be applied in Singapore as that is where i am currently studying now and many countries might differ a bit but the general core modules still stay the same. Lets assume that you graduate with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and hence the one of the most common job scope that many partake with this degree is becoming a Medical Technologist (Med Tech aka MT). An analogy of a MT is simple, basically you are the limbs (hands and legs) and the doctor/specialist is the brain. What do i meant by that is that when a blood/urine/stool sample is taken, the MT are the ones that process and run tests (either auto or manual tests) to generate the results for the doctor/specialist to review and make a diagnosis or effective treatment. Thus without the MT is equivalent to a person losing its limbs. Additional bonus: Actually the MTs are also sort of like mini-doctors because once they are experience they would roughly know what illness/disease the patient is having, it just that they dont have the certification to acknowledge their diagnosis. Thus to answer your question: It gives a sense of satisfaction that we are also part of the crux to the LIFE and DEATH of a patient. Cheers! Emile Chiu

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