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What is biomedical science about?

Thank you for your question. Biomedical Science is a basic research field which focuses on the aspects of the human body and human health. So you study everything about the human body and about disease progression and treatment. It is a new field in India, but abroad the scope of this field is vast, especially in the UK. The UK has a 'Royal Society of Biomedical Scientists' which has laid down the work profile of a Biomedical Scientist as well. Biomedical Scientists work in a health centre, either a hospital or health research facilities. They do epidemiological analysis of current human diseases and do the necessary research work, or are involved in policy making for combating diseases and it's treatment. In a hospital setting, they are required to assist doctors by telling them about the new treatment methods for a disease and suggest preventive measures as well. All in one, it is quite a satisfactory work profile for somebody who is interested in research and healthcare. Hope this answers the question for you, all the best for your future.

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